Asuma Ogasawara
小笠原 明日真
Ogasawara Asuma
Asuma Ogasawara
Gender ♂ Male
Age 21
Blood Type O
Birthday December 7
Occupation Idol
Affiliation ACE
D-Four Production
Anime R Episode 1
• Portrayal•
CV Tatsuhisa Suzuki
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Asuma Ogasawara is one of the supporting characters of season two of the anime. He is part of D-Four Production and the leader of the idol unit ACE.


Asuma has dull, grey-brown spiked hair sticking up in various directions. His small, sharp eyes are red. He usually displays a playful or mischevious smirk.

He is normally shown in Casual attire, rarely in the D-4 jacket or coords. His theme color that shows up in various outfits or details is gold.


Asuma is a playful leader who enjoys showing affection with "rough, physical" gestures- such as punching a guy or tickling him while telling him to be in a better mood or lighten up. However he is unable to take it back, and will quickly stop and apologize if one of his unit mates was to threaten him. He has a tendency to call other, younger idols "cute" or other "complimentive" terms.  


Significant Coords



  • He is 177 cm tall.