Season 1

Episode 01

Chizuru was finishing his training session with Junya and Itsuki when they spotted Haruto Mikami showing Kanade around. Along with Itsuki, he watched as Junya and Kanade competitively trained together after Junya began to insult him.

Episode 02

Chizuru is tasked with putting on a performance with Kanade and Itsuki. In this time, he tells Kanade all sorts of things, such as how he and Itsuki come from the same town but didn't join the Agency together, and that there are all sorts of theories floating around about Shin and his past. He also trains with him and they eventually come to a conclusion on which song to sing together, as he also enjoys the song Kanade thinks they should pick.

Episode 03

Chizuru remains with Itsuki and Junya throughout the episode. While he feels badly for Shin, he is overly anxious and worried that his career as an Idol may already be over. He attempts to figure out what the name of the song actually means, and points out they still don't know after Shin and Kanade become friends.

Episode 04