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Dream Festival! (ドリフェス!) is the mobile rhythm game produced by Bandai Namco. It was released on iOS and Android in Japan on May 25th 2016.

You can read the 2017 app news and updates here.


Dream Festival! is a free to play rhythm game. The main mode is Live mode: where players are can play Dream Festival! songs using stamina, the in-game regenerating energy. The player taps on the left and right side of the screen depending on the note's color in accordance to the rhythm to receive score. At the end of a live, more score will be awarded depending on whether the player achieved a full combo or a full perfect. After, the player is shown their score and is awarded experience for both their player level and Dorika.


The game features three main modes of unlocking stories. Stories on Miracle Station can be unlocked by playing songs on the normal side. Assualt! Backstage (とつげき!バックステージ Totsugeki! Backstage) stories are unlocked by leveling up members' rank which is done by playing lives. Every time their rank reaches a multiple of three, a story is unlocked. Event Special stories are unlocked by gaining event points during their respective events or using Story Keys which can be bought with friend points.


Songs are divided into four genres: "Pops", "Dance", "Melody", and "Rock".

List of all the songs currently in game.


Alphabetical list of all the Events in game

Events usually take place multiple times a month (often twice). Each event offers an exclusive coord as a reward. You cannot currently get these coords from anywhere else, so if you want them, make sure to check the event type and rewards to see how to get them. Using the event boosting coords allows you to gain more event points when playing the event songs and they will typically be featured in the premium gacha box during the event.

Past Events
Title Period Notable Prize/s
All for your smile! 1st LIVE TOUR Yume no Kodou Feb 20 - Mar 2 2018 Rising Star Coord ver. Junya
A symmetric memory Dec 1 - Dec 7 2017 Tricky Dealer Coord
World's End: The Dream Seen in the Birdcage Nov 22 - Nov 29 2017 Demon Desire Coord
Reminiscence of London Nov 8 - Nov 15 2017 Cross Echo Coord
Trick or Treat! Welcome to the Halloween Party! Oct 24 - Nov 1 2017 Halloween Wizard Coord
Mission! Yumemiru Omocha no Dakoushin Oct 3 - Oct 12 2017 Dreaming Toy Coord
Sakura Iro Koibumi Roman Sept 21 - Sept 29 2017 Nostalgic Romance Coord
Susumu Ketsui! Futari Dake no Kaizoku Sept 1 - Sept 7 2017 Innocent Pirates Coord
Invitation letter to a magical night ~Midnight Circus~ Aug 24 - Aug 30 2017 Midnight Tamer Coord
Grab Hold of Midsummer! Feel the Sea Breeze ~Marine Live~ Aug 2 - Aug 9 2017 Seaside Navy Coord
Abracadabra Cast Magic! A Story of One Thousand Nights in One Night July 20 - July 28 2017 Arabian Jeweled Coord
I'll Swim Over Even the Milky Way! Midsummer Idol Swimming Festival! July 5 - July 10 2017 Milky Altair Coord
Soul Bursting Art!? Splash Rainbow June 23 - July 3 2017 Shooting Star Coord ver. Itsuki and ver. Chizuru
Our Thanks are the Smiles of Flowers! ~First Anniversary~ June 2 - June 8 2017 Candy Block R Coord
Grab the Victory! D-Four Great Athletic Meet! May - May 24 2017 White Orchid Coord
Real Dream ~First Live of Smiles and Tears~ May 2 - May 11 2017 Shooting Star Coord
NEW SAILING ~The Beginning of a New Voyage~ Apr 20 - Apr 28 2017 Hungry Wolf Coord
I’ll place your heart under arrest!? Police Captain For A Day Apr 6 - Apr 13 2017 One-Day Policeman Coord
On a Journey For You! Graduation Support Special! ~My Dear Dream comes true~ Mar 22 - Mar 30 2017 Dear Future Coord
Spring Has Come! Budding White Day Mar 9 - Mar 15 2017 Cheerful Jam Coord
Hardboiled Lovers Feb 23 - Mar 4 2017 Rose Bullet Coord
Surprise or Chocolate!? Chizu's Big Valentine Plans☆ Feb 9 - Feb 15 2017 Valentine Devil Coord
Dance of the Ice ~From the Ice with Love~ Jan 21 - Jan 31 2017 Ice Prince Coord
DIVE TO WHITE! Snow Festival! Jan 12 - Jan 18 2017 Snowboarder Coord
It's New Year's! DF Pro Special LIVE Dec 28 2016 - Jan 5 2017 SR Imperial Guardian Tops
The Hunter is Santa! Capture the Runaway Reindeer! Dec 16 - Dec 26 2016 Fluffy Room Coord
It's Winter!! Scream It!! Let's Go and ROCK!! Dec 16 - Dec 26 2016 Wild Guys Coord
Opposing Units! DF School Festival ~We Will Be No.1!~ Nov 17 - Nov 24 2016 Fresh Paint Coord
Passionately Blooming, The Red Rose Festival! Nov 2 - Nov 8 2016 Imperial Guardian Coord
Halloween Night Live Oct 20 - Oct 31 2016 Funny Wonderland Coord
Regular Program Confirmed! Oct 6 - Oct 12 2016 DearDream Logo Coord ver. Shin & ver. Junya
Vampire Lord Coord
KUROFUNE Storms the Shore! D-Four Stage Special Live! Sept 21 - Sept 29 2016 Rose Shiny Coord
Still Burning!! Idol Tournament Sept 8 - Sept 15 2016 Late Summer Coord
Rising Summer Festival Aug 25 - Sept 8 2016 Summer Vacation Coord

Item Exchange

A feature that allows you to trade coins for Dorika, My Room decorations and consumable items. The coins are gained by playing normal lives. The promoted items and coins are changed each month.

Date Dorika My Room Decorations
November 15 - 21 2017 Ice Prince Coord N/A
October 13 - 23 2017 Funny Wonderland Coord
Easy Rider Coord
Lovely buttons (ver. Kanade, Shin, Junya, Itsuki, Chizuru, Keigo and Yuto)
September 9 - 20 2017 Fluffy Room Coord
Blood Priest Coord
Dance Live! poster (ver. Junya, Itsuki and Chizuru)
August 10 - 23 2017 Late Summer Coord
Summertime Coord
Vivid Heart Coord
Supernova poster (ver. Kanade, Shin, Junya, Itsuki, Chizuru, Keigo and Yuto)
July 11 - 19 2017 Summer Vacation Coord
Entertainer Coord
Stained Glass buttons (ver. Kanade, Shin, Junya, Itsuki, Chizuru, Keigo and Yuto)
June 9 - 21 2017 Wild Guys Coord
Aqua Heart Coord
LOVE Idol buttons (ver. Kanade, Shin, Junya, Itsuki, Chizuru, Keigo and Yuto)
May 12 - 19 2017 DearDream Logo Coord
Red Candy Block Coord
You Are・Mi Amore Poster


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