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Kanji 2032
Air Date 10-14-16
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Episode 02 - Shin Oikawa is an Amazing Guy!! Episode 04 - A Unit Of 3 Is Born!!!

2032 is the 3rd episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on October 14th, 2016.


Realizing how much he hurt Shin and caused him problems, Kanade attempts to write his wrong and help Shin move on while learning about the true meaning behind his song.


Kanade joins Ritsu and his mom at the breakfast table to find his brother observing the recent scandal about Shin. The scandal occured after his supposed ex-girlfriend's friend posted a tweet, claiming 2032 was about their break up. As Ritsu reads the various lyrics Kanade is left feeling heavy remorse for his mistake the previous night. He asks for Kanade to confirm such a story, but Kanade is too distracted, commenting that the song wasn't about heartbreak like everyone thinks it is- although only Shin knows that. Suddenly, with this revelation he quickly leaves.

Making his way through town, Kanade suddenly gets a text and heads to the agency. He arrives to find Chizuru in a panic over Shin's career as an idol while Itsuki mentions that he will be showing up soon so they should probably talk less about it.

Meanwhile in the main office, Shin is confronted by Haruto and Sho, who ask for details about the scandal. They tell him it is necessary to know the entire truth, but he plainly claims it to be a lie. They initially find it hard to believe, noticing him hesitating, but they do nothing to stop him. Kanade worriedly runs up to him after he leaves the office and tries to speak to him, but his pleas go unnoticed as Shin storms off.

Meanwhile, Chizuru attempts to use his, Itsuki, and Junya's tablets to find out more details, learning the scandal story has been viewed 51,346 times. Kanade joins them to find Junya wondering more about the lyrics to the song, and Kanade mentions that the way Shin spoke to him the previous evening implied the song wasn't about heartbreak like they thought, and with that, the scandal must be a lie. Chizuru is relieved by this, but they wonder what the lyrics really are about, as well as the title, which isn't an actual lyric. So they spend the rest of the day thinking about it.

Shin makes his way home, noticing the various figures whisper or take pictures of him. However, he brushes them all off and continues heading home.

Meanwhile, Haruto and the President discuss the incident further. They are both highly concerned over him, and his refusal to say anything only makes it worse.

As Shin is heading to his place, reporters approach him for a story but he refuses. They remain persistant, even when he tells them to speak to the agency, eventually stating that the rumors aren't true at all, but the emotions behind the lyrics of the song are.

The following day, the group take notice of the answer Shin gave the press. However, he left out a lot of information in this and they're left with nothing, other than even more worry due to the fact he said anything period. Kanade suggests they do something to try to help him feel better, but Junya shoots the idea down, calling him too nosy. He takes off after telling him to mind his own business, while Itsuki and Chizuru remain unsure, since they don't know if he even wants help.

Changing his clothes, Junya is approached by the frustrated Kanade who asks why he doesn't want to help Shin, and why he told him to keep out of it. Instead of giving an answer, Junya asks him why he would even want to take Shin's side. They're all rookie class idols fighting for the same goal, they aren't there to help each other, and he shouldn't waste his time worrying over the likes of someone else. This explanation leaves Kanade unsatisfied though, and he explains that he had a lot fun performing with Junya and Shin, and he enjoyed seeing how they were on the stage or during work. He really wants to perform with Shin again and hopes to become closer to him. He then asks why this is such a problem and Junya admits that in the past he tried to get closer to Shin. But he was met with rejection several times, so he eventually gave up. The same thing happened when Chizuru and Itsuki tried too, so they should just respect his space.

Kanade refuses though, asking Junya if he would truly be okay with never seeing Shin again. Suddenly, he is inspired and runs off to ask Haruto for Shin's address or phone number. He attempts to call him while making his way out of the Agency building, but he doesn't answer. As Kanade thinks about what happened again, he realizes the true meaning behind the song and takes off to find Shin to tell him. After spotting him up ahead he calls out to him in hopes he would listen.

Shin doesn't appear to hear him as he continues to walk off, and he is surprised when the tired Kanade suddenly runs into him. He decides to listen to what he has to say by now, after realizing how exhausted he is from chasing after him. Shin mentions that he was making his way to the agency at the time, since there was no point staying home over a scandal, and Kanade tells him that he understands the true meaning behind his song now. The thought of losing Shin made him realize the song is about the loss of a friend, someone really important. He doesn't want Shin to stop being an idol though, because he sees him for the amazing person everyone else sees.

Hearing this, Shin confides in Kanade and brings up that the song was dedicated to his best friend of the past. Keigo was an actor just like him, and Keigo was able to make him open up and stop taking everything so seriously, allowing him enjoy acting and perform naturally. Keigo was able to keep him going, giving him a pull forward when he needed it, and every day became one filled with fun. But one day, Keigo showed another side to himself when a role came up that he really wanted. He put everything he had into it, and wasn't the same he had always been; although he pretended to be fine.

However, Shin got the role instead and he ran to the office to find out why, noticing how hurt Keigo was with this. The directors explained that Shin had a farther level worth reaching, but Keigo was at his peak. Shin denied what they said though, refusing to take the part until he realized Keigo had been eavesdropping on them. Shin gave chase as Keigo fled for the train station and it poured down rain outside. Stepping onto the train, Keigo announced his refusal to be an actor any longer and quit then and there. He said nothing further and the train took off; leaving behind the alarmed and confused Shin.

Shin then explains to Kanade that this wasn't a song anyone was meant to hear. But Kanade believes that Shin wrote this as a song to tell Keigo of his feelings, and that he should hear it. Shin thinks this is pointless, but he realizes that after losing hope for so long, he needs to believe in wishes again.

The next day, Shin apologizes on stage to the audience and he offers to talk about the lyrics as Kanade stands with him. He mentions that it is about someone special to him, but the person isn't the same as the one who they saw in the media, but an old, precious friend. He thought they would be a team forever, and thanks him for making him the person he is today before telling the audience that if they can see the truth behind the song, then he would be really happy. With that, they catch the Dorica and change into the chosen attire from the crowd to perform 2032 together.

While Kanade and Shin perform, Haruto thinks about the event. Meanwhile, Itsuki, Chizuru, and Junya continue to try to determine what the lyrics mean while they stand backstage.

Revealed in the flashback, the title was inspired from the event at the train station. When Shin saw Keigo leave him, the time was 20:32 (8:32 pm). In that instance, time has come to a hault for him. But he has realized now that he has to let go of the past and move on, to stop pushing others away and remain hopeful that things will work out.

After they perform, Shin is in a much better mood and invites Kanade to join him on the way home. The other three spy on him, with Chizuru and Itsuki happy, but Junya appears unsure.

As the duo walk through town, they happen to pass by a male watching a video of their performance. He walks past them and remains wordless with a troubled expression.


  • The meaning of the song "2032" is revealed. It was the time that Shin saw after Keigo left and he looked at the train station's clock: 20:32 (8:32 pm).
  • The scene of Shin watching Keigo leave on the train resembles a scene from the opening.


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