A Unit Of 3 Is Born!!!
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Kanji 3人ユニット結成!!!
Air Date 10-21-16
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Insert Song BIRDCAGE ~Birdcage of Desire~
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A Unit Of 3 Is Born!!! is the 4th episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on October 21th, 2016.


At the agency president's recommendation, Kanade, Shin, and Junya form a unit. But this unit is off to a rocky start as Kanade tries to keep up with Junya's rigorous schedule and finds himself overwhelmed as Junya continues to push it on them. What happened in Junya's past to make him so desperate?


While preparing for training, Itsuki and Chizuru discuss how different Shin has suddenly become. They also bring up that he, along with Junya and Kanade have been summoned to the Office for unknown reasons.

In the office, neither of the three understand why they are there. They were all invited by the president, who steps in to see them. He invites the trio to snack on the popcorn he brought with him, but they refuse, anticipating what he has to say. Nonchalantly he informs them of his plans to put them in a trio unit, shocking them with the casualty of his statement. He decides they can come up with a name later- but after looking at them he is suddenly inspired with the name Traffic Signal.

That night they leave with Kanade in high spirits. Junya complains, but Kanade tries to say this is a positive thing for them, and he looked just as happy. However, he doesn't really understand the meaning behind their name, only to express frustration after Shin points out the nearby traffic signal. It flashes red, blue, and yellow. This leaves them wonder if it was chosen because of their hair colors and Kanade suggests they ask the President to change it until something dawns on Junya.

In a much better mood, Junya informs them that he should lead their unit while they change the following day. He explains what the unit is exactly for; not only will it grant them access to Dream-Fes, but it will serve for future album releases. To him its a positive sign that they will make their debut very soon. He then reminds them that their first performance will be in a week so they need to step their training up a notch, especially since they will be performing a song by Haruto's idol unit and believes using an idol magazine featuring them will come in handy. They look over what he would do for training, as listed in the book, and with a brighter personality emerging Junya rushes them outside to get started.

In his office, the president brings up how much the guys have been changing since Kanade showed up. Shin was even able to overcome his ordeal because of him, and Haruto wonders what else they may manage to work out.

First, the trio start with bunny hops up a row of stairs. While Junya is eager, the other two aren't but remain with him for ten laps, then they move on to doing chin ups at the park. Throughout the day Kanade can't help but question if this has any meaning, curious as to why Junya is still so high-spirited as they go for a run.

That evening, Junya is frustrated and accuses them of slacking off. He shows them the entire schedule of Haruto's training, sure that if they stuck with it they would do really well. He reviews every single thing they would need to, but Kanade doesn't believe it would be possible since they have other things to worry about, like school. Rather than hear him out, Junya tells off Kanade by coldly bringing up the many improvements he has to make and storms out. Kanade feels discouraged and starts to worry by now, but Shin assures him that things will work out.

Kanade takes off to find Chizuru and Itsuki up ahead and they congratulate him with his progress. Together they sit dow with him and share some Popsicle when Chizuru mentions that normally Idols come up with their units, so it must be special for the President to have hand-picked them. It's even better that he's in a unit with Junya, and Itsuki admits that he had been hoping to be in a Unit with him at some point. Kanade doesn't understand why though, given how much he's torturing them with his strict training. However, they know how focused he is on becoming a professional idol. As soon as he graduated middle school in Fukuoka he came there. He never attended high school so that he could focus on his dream. They believe even if he acts brutal or mean at times, he's actually really happy. Kanade lingers on these words, but claims he is still too tough.

Later that evening, Kanade's younger brother finds him in the middle of training. Kanade apologizes, thinking he woke Ritsu up, but he explains that he has to keep going to avoid holding the other two back. Ritsu wishes him a good night and returns to his room.

The following morning, Ritsu finds that Kanade stayed up all night to train. To his shock, Kanade didn't even realize it was morning yet and in a panic, he runs off to hurry up and get his shower and rush off to school. However, too worn out Kanade struggles to make it through the day.

As soon as school ends he runs to the Agency and attempts to apologize for being so late to the annoyed Junya before they resume practice. But after Kanade keeps making mistakes Junya's temper increases throughout the day until he finally confronts him on it. He criticizes him and they nearly get into a fight until Shin is able to break it up.

In hopes of getting them to calm down he decides a break is in order, so he brings them to his favored conveyor sushi place. Although they are too angry to eat, he attempts to enjoy himself while getting food for them. He speaks to the duo in hopes of getting them to realize that they both weren't handling the situation properly, and admits that he can see why Junya wanted this so much and knows of his aspirations, but he might have been taking things a bit too far.

After a moment of silence, Junya recalls his past. Back in third grade his older sister forced him to attend a Sankishi concert. Back then he didn't care about much, especially idols, and had been in a foul mood over having to go. He watched as they changed with the Dorika, and performed for everyone and soon found himself entranced by Haruto and his shining brilliance. He shared a personal bond with Haruto during this time, and hearing of Haruto's wish for him to go "beyond the ultimate", he quickly found a goal and got to work. He had never intended to go to high school at all, and with an aspiration he moved in with his sister here in Tokyo while she attends a college there.

Finishing his story, Junya apologizes for being so rough, but its been seven years and now that he's finally reached the start of his Idol career, he wants to go far. Hearing this, Kanade promises to do his best to avoid holding either of them back. He wants them to work well together as the trio unit they were meant to be. With the mood improved, Shin observes them and they resume eating.

The next day they get to work training in higher spirits and improve until eventually the performance arrives. They share words of encouragement with each other before Kanade recalls his first Audition and how happy he is to be with them as an official unit now. With their excitement the trio appear on stage, announced themselves as a unit as they greet the audience and wish them to have a good time. They announce the song they plan to perform and changing into their chosen Dorica.

After the performance Haruto comes into the back room to congratulate them. Junya is beyond happy but he promises to work even harder, bringing up the training regimen that Haruto used back when he was in Sankishi. But to their shock, Haruto admits that the smiles were only for camera. It is impossible to be so happy during training at all times. they just used sets to make it look like he was training. The news floors Junya, but he refuses to quit and makes a promise to continue with it- grinning the entire time as Shin and Kanade agree with him.


  1. 4:00 Wake Up
  2. 4:15 Bunny Hops
  3. 5:00 Chin-ups
  4. 5:30 Running
  5. 6:30 Swimming
  6. 7:30 Voice Lessons
  7. 9:00 Dance Lessons
  8. 11:30 Early lunch
  9. 13:00 Weights
  10. 14:00 Dorika Catching
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