Kurofune Is Here!!
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Kanji KUROFUNE襲来!!
Air Date 11-11-16
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Insert Song Your Are Mi・Amore
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KUROFUNE Is Here!! is the 7th episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on November 11, 2016.


Yuto decides to join D-Four Productions after realizing how bored he is with performing in small joints. But he sets his sights on the empty Keigo, who has already convinced himself that there isn't any point in finding a new future. Meanwhile, everyone prepares for the approaching Battle Live. 


At an underground rock club, Yuto finishes his music performance. The crowd goes wild for him and take off, with the others he played with making a quick conversation with him before they go. Yuto is left unimpressed by how the evening went and listens to a program on the nearby television bringing up Traffic Signal and their recent debut and the recently held live broadcast they did.

Elsewhere, it's announced the Battle Live will be starting soon. Many units in Rookie Class partake in this event with their talents to compete against each other. The winners will be decided by the fans.

In the cafeteria, the group watch this program when Chizuru and Itsuki inform Kanade they won't be entering, as they are without a unit. While they wanted to, they decide to put a positive spin on it rather than mope around and Junya points out that they are not wrong about having nothing to lose, but Traffic Signal will, as it has been shown that in the past, those who lose the event are usually unable to push forward and win Dream Fes and gain their CD debut. As he points out the importance of winning they are momentarily joined by Yuzuru, who gives a spicy pudding to the unknowing Chizuru. He brings up that a dangerous visitor in the President's Office and has decided to join the agency. He also found out his name is Yuto Kuroishi.

In the office, Sho and Haruto discuss Yuto being brought in so suddenly; something they consider unusual as most that join are scouted personally. However, he has enough talent to back up his behavior, although he will need to find a uni if he wishes to partake in Dream Fes. He might be a special case, but it is only for Idols, not solo musicians. With that Yuto decides he will become an Idol, and find someone to be in his unit.

The following day at school Yuto finds a young man being beaten up and undeserving of it. The male ignores the group, allowing them to do as they wish when Yuto suddenly stops one of the students and beats him up, along with his friends. This surprises Keigo as he helps him up, insisting he speak before he takes him to a nearby vending machine and gets him a drink. He has already taken interest in Keigo and asks that he joins his idol unit- but he isn't interested and says nothing more.

That night, Keigo returns home and thinks about the past when he quit his career as an Actor and left Shin behind. He tries to force himself to forget about their time together before then and recalls speaking to Yuto earlier that day, finding himself troubled the entire thing.

The next day at school Keigo is confronted by a group of students who force him to do their work. He picks up paper with no complaint, but hears something in the distance and follows the voice to the music room, peaking in to find Yuto hanging out by himself. Once again Yuto attempts to convince Keigo to join him but he refuses, believing they will get hurt. He brings up what happened to him and how much it hurts- but Yuto refuses to listen and snaps him out of his self-pity by telling him he gave up, rather than stand and fight. He then tells Keigo that nothing won't happen if he stays still in time, but he remains stubborn and will convince him to join his path to Idol fame.

Keigo makes his way home to once again be confronted by the group of thugs; who are angrier now for being beaten up by Yuto. They beat Keigo up and leave him there on the ground as the rain outside begins to pour.

Meanwhile, Shin is sure something is wrong and gets momentarily distracted. Junya asks about it but he's unsure of what it could be and claims it to be nothing after all.

Still on the ground, Keigo thinks about how much effort he put into that role he was unable to get. He attempts to convince himself it was for nothing in the end, but he finds himself overwhelmed while thinking about Yuto again.

The thugs have managed to find Yuto and sneak up on him, knocking him down with a metal bat and preparing to finish him off but Yuto remains ignorant of what just happened, commenting that they're not much of a threat. They claim he isn't worth fighting when it's by himself and they bring up the recent rumors they heard about him joining D-Four Productions and how it doesn't fit someone like him, then they start insulting him- which earns them their own insults. To everyone's surprise, Keigo suddenly appears and tackles the thug, promising to go with Yuto and try again as an Idol. Together they are able to beat the group up until they give in and leave, and Yuto and Keigo are left understanding each other. With that they decide to properly introduce themselves while the rain continues to pour and they remain bloody and battered.

Eventually the Battle Live approaches. Traffic Signal bring up Yuto's new unit that he somehow already put together, although Shin is less vocal about it. When Battle Live begins, a screen reveals the various units that will be competing in the event and they start with Traffic Signal. As this is going on, Keigo observes one of the screens where Shin is shown and he makes small talk with Yuto until their turn as KUROFUNE eventually arrives. Nearby, Traffic Signal decides to stay and observe the new unit- shocking Shin as he sees the other member is none other than Keigo. He watches as Keigo manages to wow everyone by quickly changing personality, acting as a charming Prince that even surprises Yuto. They change into the fans chosen Dorika for them and perform- easily winning everyone over as Traffic Signal begins to worry.

As this is going on, Haruto and Sho bring up Yuto's sudden, and easily obtained success. Haruto has no doubt Yuto will be able to go far.

On stage, Keigo and Yuto share words of encouragement with one-another before everyone joins them to have the announcements inform them of who has passed to the final round. Eventually, only Traffic Signal and KUROFUNE are left, and to their surprise, KUROFUNE takes the win.

Feeling defeated, they change and head outside while awkwardly trying to handle their feelings with the loss. But it's then Shino happens to spot KUROFUNE approaching them. Frustrated by the loss, Junya attempts to tell Yuto they will win, but he pays him no mind, with Keigo ignoring Shin as he tries to speak to him.


  • Yuto Kuroishi makes his first appearance.
  • KUROFUNE makes its official anime debut.
  • Several rookie Idols from the game make cameo appearances in this episode.


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