Freedom Dot Coord (フリーダムドット) is a Rare coord from Peace Parade. It has several color variants.



The outfit is the same for each character, but colored to match them. Cherry for Kanade, Lavender for Chizuru, Denim blue for Shin, Gold for Junya, and Emerald for Itsuki.


A button up top with a pattern of white polka-dots. The right side of the torso, pocket, and collar, and left sleeve have larger dots than the right sleeve and left torso. Comes with a dark indigo tie.


Short pants with a white polka-dot pattern. Worn with a woven belt of grey, gold, orange, and crimson.


Sneakers with the polka-dot pattern. The tongue, toe, and sole is white, accented with yellow strings. On the side, tongue, and heel of the shoe is a black and yellow label.

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3
B pr-030 00
Freedom Dot Half Sleeve

B pr-031 00
Freedom Dot Half Pants

B pr-032 00
Freedom Dot Low-Cut Sneakers


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