Season 1

Episode 01

Itsuki was finishing his training session with Junya and Chizuru when they spotted Haruto Mikami showing Kanade around. Along with Chizuru, he watched as Junya and Kanade competitively trained together after Junya began to insult him.

Episode 02

Itsuki is tasked with putting on a performance with Kanade and Chizuru. In this time, Kanade learns more about him and together they train. Eventually he agrees to sing a song written by Shin after Kanade brings it up, asking him why he enjoys it so much. Together they go out to perform.

Episode 03

With Chizuru and Junya, Itsuki attempts to determine what the song title 2032 means. He is concerned for Shin, but is unsure if they can do anything to help him.