Season 1

Episode 01

As he, Itsuki Katagiri, and Chizuru Sawamura were finishing training they spotted Haruto showing Kanade Amamiya around. Right away Junya disliked Kanade and quickly began to put him down- believing he to be nothing special and then challenging him after Kanade began to argue back. Throughout the day they worked out, danced, and did various exercises until Kanade could no longer stand it.

After having a change of heart, Kanade decided to take the entrance Audition, with Junya showing support after informing him he would be performing with him and Shin. After the great performance he complimented the dazed Kanade.

Episode 03

Junya remains ignorant of Shin's troubles and Kanade's attempts to help him. He insists that Kanade doesn't bother to waste his time like this; especially to help a rival Idol, but seeing as Kanade won't change his mind, Junya admits that in the past he has tried to get closer to Shin- but since he wanted nothing of it he gave up on him.