Ritsu Amamiya
Amamiya Ritsu
Gender ♂ Male
Blood Type TBA
Birthday TBA
Affiliation TBA
Anime Episode 1
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Ritsu Amamiya is one of the supporting characters of Dream Festival. He is Kanade's younger brother and an Idol-fanatic.


Ritsu is a young boy with a light tan complexion and amber eyes with a slant at the corners. He has his parents brown hair coloring in a short cut with several strands sticking up on either side of his head. His bangs are brushed to the side with a small tent in the left corner and a strand curling on top of them. His short pointed forelocks are longer on one side than the other, and he has two short cowlicks on the left corner of his head.


As the younger sibling Ritsu often wants to be kept in the loop- and usually does a pretty good job of it as he is naturally a fan of Idols. He is wise and fairly savvy, showing to possess more "game" than Kanade and showing natural idol skills to lend him a hand when he struggles with something new. He is obsessed with idols and normally spends his time watching them on television or looking up information on them.



Kanade Amamiya - His older brother. They often bicker over silly things but mutually love and respect one-another. Ritsu often questions Kanade but he does believe he can become a great Idol.



  • Ritsu is similar to Raichi Hoshimiya from Aikatsu!
    • Both have a first name starting with R and miya at the end of their surname.
    • Both of them are the younger sibling to an older brother/sister who became an Idol and are the main characters in their series.
    • They both have brownish hair and eyes and have looks resembling their mothers.
    • Both are also Idol fans who appear to know more than their sibling.