Tartan Parade Coord (タータンパレード) is a coord from Peace Parade. It is included with the New Star Revolution CD. It makes an appearance as a group coord in Episode 09.

The Shin version is HR ranked, while the Kanade version is Ultra Rare with a Rare accessory. Itsuki, Junya, and Chizuru's versions are Super Rare. There are also full outfit cards for each character with a DS rank, as well as P-ranked sets featuring the characters in an alternate art style and over 1000 AP.


Episode Image User
Episode 09

Kanade Amamiya

Itsuki Katagiri

Chizuru Sawamura

Junya Sasaki

Shin Oikawa




A pale blue and gold vest worn over a solid colored top with matching tie. Over this is a dark jacket with tartan design. Gold lining and buttons are included, along with shine-shaped markings on the lapel and lower torso. A matching tartan strip attached to a pale gold ribbon accented with the users theme color, attached to a gold badge with Peace Parade! written in dark red. Lining the lower torso is a gold fringe. Comes with white gloves.


Tartan pants with a piped line of gold tracing the center. The shining markings are designed on the top right leg and lower left ankle, while a gold fringe lines each hip. Comes with a white and gold belt.


White loafer with black sole and a thin piped line of gold. The foot strap is gold with a thin black string and a tartan section adorned with tiny gold studs.


A tartan print beret with a gold and red ribbon top, sewn with the badge from the jacket.

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
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Tartan Parade Jacket Ver. kanade

Tartan Parade Bottom Ver. Kanade

Tumblr oe9u3b8jhs1vgctpqo1 1280
Tartan Parade Shoes Ver. Kanade

Tumblr oe9v7mE2kC1vgctpqo1 1280
Tartan Parade Beret Ver. Kanade


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