Vampire Lord Coord (ヴァンパイアロード) is an HR coord from GRANDE DIAMANTE. It has debuted in Episode 1 of the anime. It was worn by Kanade Amamiya.

The normal variant of the cards are Ultra Rare. The Welcome to D-Four Production and DearDream 2ndシングル「PLEASURE FLAG / シンアイなる夢へ!full outfit versions are PR rank. There is also a Normal rank.


Episode Image User
Episode 01
Kanade Amamiya



A white top with gold lining worn beneath a purple vest, also with gold lining. On the lower left lapel is a single gold bat, while the bottom of the vest has small gold designs. Two buttons are on each side of the torso, held by a single chain with one hanging around the left corner. A magenta ruffled cloth is worn at the neck, and included are black gloves with bracelets.


Purple pants with multiple gold chains and buttons wrapped around the lower leg. On top is a single gold diamond shape cut beneath a gold section. Comes with a thin black and gold belt with a single gold chain hanging from the right corner, wrapped around the left.


Black boots with a thin ring of gold on the cuff. Two black straps wrap beneath this, held with a single gold accent.


Magenta earrings on a gold base with a single gold bat wing attached. One earring hangs from a chain, with the earring base attached to a gold coffin.

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
B dfv01-010 00
Vampire Lord Top

B dfv01-011 00
Vampire Lord Bottoms

B dfv01-012 00
Vampire Lord Boots

B dfv01-013 00
Vampire Lord Earrings


  • Bat Wings periodically appear on the users back when fully assembled.
    • This was not seen in the anime.



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