Yuto Kuroishi
黒石 勇人
Kuroishi Yūto
Gender ♂ Male
Age 18
Blood Type B
Birthday June 9
Occupation Idol
Affiliation KUROFUNE
Anime Episode 7
• Portrayal•
CV Hideaki Kabumoto
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Yuto Kuroishi is the character of the series, Dream Festival! He is in a unit called KUROFUNE along with Keigo Kazama.


Yuto has a fair complexion with slanted, light red eyes. His black hair is short with several softly spiked locks. He has many piercings.

At the agency, he wears a white jacket lined in black with a black cloth resting in his pocket to accent the included shirt, worn over a crimson top. He also wears black pants with leather belts and black shoes. He wears a necklace and several bracelets on each wrist.


Yuto is a strong and intimidating teen full of talent and interest in music. He demands respect and knows what he wants, but pays little attention to things of no interest. He isn't easily intimidated, shown best after being attacked by a group of students getting revenge for being beaten up by him earlier. He remained calm and told them off, challenging them to continue.

Game Profile

Q. Why did you become an idol?
A. I directly went to the office.

Q. What is your best point?
A. Music.

Q. Your family is consisted of?
A. I'm borrowing my grandma's place.

Q. Tell us your "My boom"!
A. Analog record collection.

Q. Last words for fan?
A. Come to our live. I'll open your heart.


Keigo Kazama - Yuto first met Keigo after beating up students from their school when they were attacking him. He acts like he doesn't care about Keigo, remaining indifferent to him, but it is implied he respects him and his untapped potential, seeking him out to join him when he decided to become an Idol.


Kuroishi (黒石): Kuroishi comes from Kuro () meaning "black", combined with Ishi () meaning "stone".

Yuuto (勇人): Yuto comes from Yu () meaning "courage" or "bravery", combined with To () meaning "person" or "man".


  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • He is 183 cm.
  • His twitter name is @DF_YutoK.[1]