Yuzuru Sawamura
沢村 唯弦
Sawamura Yuzuru
Gender ♂ Male
Age 16
Blood Type TBA
Birthday November 11th
Occupation Idol
Affiliation In-Show-Ha

D-Four Production

Anime Episode 6
• Portrayal•
CV Tsubasa Yonaga
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Yuzuru Sawamura is one of the characters of Dream Festival. He is the older twin brother of Chizuru Sawamura. He made his Idol debut in his unit, In-Show-Ha.


Yuzuru is Chizuru's twin, posessing the same eye, skin, hair coloring, and body type. However, at their current age Yuzuru's appearance is slightly different, posessing sharper eyes and hair dyed dark purple with part of it styled opposite of Chizuru's.


Yuzuru is like Chizuru, in that he has a playful and flirty side to him, and one that is serious. However, he only shares his flirty and playful behavior around someone he likes - namely Kanade. At heart he is somewhat of a prankster, and is known for spiking Chizuru's things with spicy foods or liquids.



Kanade Amamiya - For unknown reasons he has quickly taken to Kanade and finds himself charmed by him. He is often shown touching him or getting close to him.

Chizuru Sawamura - His younger twin brother. Growing up they did everything together until a past incident. Since then he ignored Chizuru until Kanade was able to help them work things out at the radio station where Yuzuru took Chizuru's place in the broadcasting. Currently he remains cool towards him, but has stopped ignoring him. Yuzuru enjoys pranking him with tainted drinks he laced with hot pepper.


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  • His favorite food is spicy pudding.